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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Your Land Purchase

Rural land is a popular choice for a log cabin location. My top factors were the view (had to be a mountain), the terrain for building and then the price. There are a number of other factors that should be considered when choosing your property location.

Medical Care Retirees in particular need to be concerned about quantity, quality and distance to Medical facilities.

Utilities Does the property have access to public water, sewer and electrical utilities? My property has water and electrical access. There will be a charge for me to connect to the water line. I will need to put in a septic system. With a septic system, a ‘perc’ test is needed to determine if the ground drainage is at an acceptable level. I had the land developer pay for this test and guarantee acceptable results as part of my purchase agreement. Make sure you create a list of all utility related expenses you will incur and research what how much they are.

Other Access Concerns Where is the location of nearest water hydrant and fire department? How far is shopping? How far are recreation facilities? How far is regional airport? Are roads well maintained? Any problem with construction equipment and log delivery trucks getting to property?

Building Terrain My property is on a ridge and the slope of the building area is about thirty degrees. I will need a basement to accommodate the slope. That’s fine for me because the basement will provide the grandchildren’s entertainment and sleeping areas. There were a number of other properties available with better views but with steeper grades. A builder told me that retaining walls would have to be constructed on those properties…more money. Don’t forget what’s underneath the top soil. My brother bought some lakefront property but it wasn’t until the construction began that the rock ledge was uncovered…more money. And don’t ignore the possibility of flooding. Do your research!

Zoning and Development Research zoning rules for the area. How will future growth affect your enjoyment of the area? Will there be industrial development allowed nearby? What will be population density? What are rules affecting your building plans for the property? Does your land development have their own set of rules? I am pleased to say that mine does. The association has to approve all land improvements. No trailer habitation is allowed. There will be no miniature chicken farms. Do your research!

Local taxes

How much property tax will be assessed on your improved property at today’s rates? Will local infrastructure costs increase as area is developed? Higher taxes will surely follow. Fixed income residents need to be prepared.

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